The best ways of ensuring your business is secured this Christmas

13 November 2017

Over the years, the crime rate in the UK has increased dramatically. With that being the case, business investors and managers should consider ways of ensuring there is maximum security, not only within their business premises, but also for their private and confidential business information.

Here we will discuss ways of ensuring a business is well secured.

Use of Commercial CCTV Systems   

Commercial CCTV systems are a great watchful eye to keep you informed about everything that takes place in each part of your business facility. For example, they can be used to monitor employees, and ensure that their safety is in fact still intact.

In businesses which involve monetary transactions, CCTV systems can monitor how cash is being handled. They can help to prevent robbery instances, since most thieves fear being caught on camera in the act of stealing.

How to secure your local business using CCTV and other security measures

If a crime were to potentially occur within the business premises, CCTV can help track down the criminal. Moreover, they also increase safety in the parking lots and outdoor areas.

Customers will also be more willing to visit your premises if they feel that they and their possessions (such as their car) is safe and secure.

Use of Access Control Systems

Access control systems enable you to give access, as well as deny access to particular parts of the business premises. This could include various rooms, information and buildings within your business facilities.

All employers and customers can access your business, but only specific employers whom you can trust will be given security clearance to enter in certain rooms or access certain products.

The following access control equipment helps to reduce potential cases of inside job theft in a business facility:

  1. Swipe cards or fobs
  2. Entry pin or password.
  3. Use of biometrics such as iris scan or fingerprints.
  4. Installation of Intruder Alarm Systems

How access control systems can help you to secure your local business

Most intruder alarm systems are installed by specific companies. When triggered they will send a message to the company’s headquarters, which in response will send a security team to the scene and inform the appropriate authorities.

Access control is effective since it does not rely on someone to make the call for help. In most incidents where a business’s access control system has been set off, the thief will have been caught in the act, helping to lower the chances of a robbery in future.

Acquiring a Fire Alarm System

Many businesses have undergone devastating losses as a result of a fire accident, which is why it is an important preventive measure to install a fire alarm in business premises.

In most cases, the fire prevention systems will be installed by a security supplier, just like the intruder alarm systems. These companies will be in charge of the security installation, the response (in the case of a fire) as well as the ongoing maintenance of the alarm system.

If a fire were to occur, the alarm is triggered which sends a message to the company in charge. In return, this company will respond immediately and effectively. In addition, a siren will sound, informing people that there is a fire in the building, helping them to evacuate quickly and securely.

This fully managed solution makes it particularly easy for the business to manage their fire safety, as well as feel secure.

So in Conclusion

Business security is the concern of every entrepreneur. The fear of losing an investment is the nightmare of every businessman. Human beings cannot predict future occurrences, especially accidents. However they can help to prevent the damages likely to be caused. A well secured business doesn’t only lower the chances of losses but also ensures peace of mind for the owner.

Please note: This article was written by an external author. Any opinions or advice shared by the author are their own and not indicative of any official advice or opinions of Thomson Local or its employees.

Please note: This article was written by an external author. Any opinions or advice shared by the author are their own and not indicative of any official advice or opinions of Thomson Local or its employees.

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