What is a DNS transfer?

04 May 2018

What is a DNS transfer?

Have you been told that you need to carry out a DNS transfer for your domain name?

If so, the chances are that you’ve found yourself scratching your head wondering what exactly a DNS is and why it needs to be transferred.

Worse still, you may have even Googled “what is a DNS transfer” and been confronted with something like this:

What is a DNS transfer?

Ah yes! The inducing DNS query type AXFR you say? Of course! It all makes perfect sense now. Thank you Google for making things so much clearer…

So, what really is a DNS transfer?

A DNS transfer is the process of transferring the ownership of a domain name from one domain name provider (also known as a registrar) to another.

A good visual analogy of this is to imagine your website as a house that you’re renting from a landlord. Now, let’s say that your landlord decides to sell that house to another landlord.

All being well, this doesn’t affect you as the tenant. It just means that the ownership of the house has transferred from one landlord to another.

Your house is still the same. Your home address hasn’t changed. It’s just the landlords name on your tenancy agreement that’s different.

What is a domain name transfer?

But why do I need to transfer my DNS?

At some point you may need our help with things like setting up an email account, resetting a password or renewing your website address – known as a domain name renewal. When this happens, we’ll need to have access to your domain control panel.

This means asking you to dig out a domain password from old emails that may have been long deleted. It also means that we’re at the mercy of the software that your existing domain name provider uses to administer domains – and frankly, many try to re-invent the wheel without good reason.

So really, the easiest solution for everyone involved is to simply transfer ownership of your domain to Thomson Local so that we can manage things more reliably from our end.

How do I transfer my DNS?

If you are a Thomson Local website customer and we’ve spoken to you about transferring your DNS then we will have already provided you with the necessary instructions to carry out from your end. If for any reason you haven’t received these instructions, then please let us know.

If you are simply interested in how the DNS transfer works, then you can learn more about the subject using the following guide from ICANN that deals with how to transfer your domain name.

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