How To Behave In A Taxi

19 June 2018

Don’t backseat drive

The last thing that you would want when doing your job is to have someone else sit behind you and tell you how to do it, especially when that person has little experience doing the job that you’ve done for years. 

So don’t do it when you get in a taxi. 

Most taxi drivers will have had years of experience and will know the roads better than you know the lines on the palm of your hand.  Sit back, relax and let the taxi driver do their job.

Don’t ask your driver to speed

You wouldn’t ask the cashier at your local supermarket to hand you over a few notes from the till or force the police to hit people you don’t like; so, don’t ask your taxi driver to break the law.

A number of people will ask their taxi driver to pick up the speed and break the limit, while it might be something that you see in the movies, it’s not good for someone who drives for a profession.  Please refrain from asking your driver to break the law.

You don’t need to eat in the taxi

How to behave in a taxi

When you’re getting into a taxi, you might be in a rush and think that a quick nibble of your cheese and tomato sandwich might be a good idea in order to catch up.  It’s not really fair on the taxi driver who’s left with the crumbs or even worse, leftover mayonnaise that’s smudged into the leather seat on a hot summer’s day.

If you’re hungry, then ask for permission first, or just wait until you’ve arrived at your destination.  The back of a taxi isn’t yours to do as you please, so take care of your stomach before you jump into a cab.

Don’t be too intoxicated when getting into a taxi

After a heavy night out it’s always best to find a safe way home that doesn’t involve you driving – thus endangering yourself and others.  Getting a taxi is one of the best ways to get home in the early hours of the morning, however, take care not to get so drunk that you’re using the back of a taxi as a makeshift bed.  The last thing a taxi driver working late at night wants is to have to wake you up or even worse, deal with your inability to handle your drink and spew it all up in the back of their cab.

You can handle this by watching your drink intake close to home time and also taking a taxi ride with a friend.  That way, you’ve got someone to keep you awake during the ride home, making the taxi driver’s job a bit more content.

Treat your driver like a human being

At the end of the day, manners don’t cost anything, so just treat your driver like an actual person rather than as someone to do your bidding for you.  Say hello, be polite and offer a little tip if you’re happy with the service that they’ve provided.  Driving a taxi can be a tough job at times, so don’t make it any more difficult for taxi drivers than it has to be.

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