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0116 454 4500

11 Friar Lane Leicester LE15RB
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About us

All we need is you!\n\nAt the Fostering and Adoption Centre, it's one of the best bits of our job to be able to reassure people that, yes, they can foster or adopt and, yes, we are very interested in all the life experience and personal qualities they can offer. We have to find homes for more children every year so we need families from all over Leicestershire and nearby counties. \n\nYou can be single, a couple or a family with your own children. Don't rule yourself out without speaking to us , you could be missing out on the time of your life. \n\n\n" I've heard people talk about the rewards of fostering and it is something that I find impossible to sum up in words. It is just a fantastic feeling to know that our family has helped a girl to become so much more mature and confident than when she first came to us. It is a daily pleasure to see her smiling and happy."\n\n\nFostering and Adoption\nEvery day single people as well as couples become foster families or adopters. They include parents and grandparents as well as people who do not have their own children. They all go on to change a child's life and get a lot of fun and fulfilment in return. \n\nNervous about taking on the challenge? \nDon't be. Leicester City carers and adopters benefit from excellent training and preparation and carers benefit from payments at the top national recommended rate.\n\nDuring your preparation you can discuss which age - group and how many children at a time you wish to foster or adopt. \nOFSTED consistently rates our service to our children and foster families as outstanding', which means we are officially one of the best fostering agencies in the country. \n\nFeedback from our foster families and adopters consistently shows a high level of satisfaction with the excellent support, training and placement matching they receive.\n\nCall us today\nI you're thinking about fostering or adoption, visit our website for more information or call us today on 0116 3660720.

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Leicester City Council - Fostering & Adoption Centre - Adoption & Fostering - 0116 454 4500 - Leicester

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