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01460 281265

Greenshutters Nurseries Fivehead Taunton TA36PT
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About us

Evergreen Hedging is one of the largest retailers of hedging plants in the UK. We have over 10,000 hedging plants and trees available to buy from the nursery in a range of sizes and varieties, specialising in large, mature hedging plants and trees. For immediate privacy and screening, we have bushy, specimen plants and a range of instant hedging@ grown in troughs. \rOur best sellers are Leylandii, Laurel, Portuguese Laurel, Western Red Cedar (Thuja) and Griselinia and many more.

Greenshutters Nurseries Fivehead Taunton TA36PT
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Evergreen Hedging - Garden Centres - 01460 281265 - Taunton

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