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Somerset House 6070 Birmingham Business Park Birmingham B377BF
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Trading is tough!\r\n The Elliott Wave Principal was discovered in the early 1930's my Ralph Nelson Elliott, (1871 - 1948). It comprises of a theory of price movement that is seen in today's financial markets, covering commodities, stock markets, foreign exchange to name but a few.\n\nThe Wave Principal has been studied by mathematicians and financiers for decades. It remains as valid today as it was at the point of its discovery. Computerised, high frequency algorithmic trading has made no difference to the "form" that financial markets produce.\n\nLabelling a financial chart in arrears is one thing: Labelling a financial chart in real time is another skill altogether. It takes tremendous dedication to label unfolding market positions in real time.\nTo use the Elliott Wave Principal takes extensive study.\r\n\r\n

Somerset House 6070 Birmingham Business Park Birmingham B377BF
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