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07973 113715

St John's House Chichester PO191UU
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About us

Expert advice when you need it\nKnowing that you're not alone on the pregnancy and childcare journey can make a real difference - having expert advice on hand 24 hours a day is invaluable.\n\nMy BabyManual has been developed to provide dependable, trusted advice for anyone seeking guidance about getting pregnant, pregnancy, childbirth, and early years childcare.\n\nBy combining information from practising medical and childcare professionals with articles and blogs written by real-life parents and parents-to-be, My BabyManual provides a compendium of authoritative and informative material covering all aspects of the parenting journey.\n\nOur information is intended to provide a supportive guide, which can be referenced 24/7, so that an expectant mum, or a worried father of a newborn, never has to feel alone. Our forum provides a community space where parents and professionals can communicate with and support each other, while also helping those who come to the website just to read and understand a bit more about pregnancy and childcare.\n\nWe want to hear from professionals and parents, particularly if they have specialist knowledge that they want to offer to others, and My BabyManual publishes articles (subject to moderation) so that our community and users can benefit from the personal insights and experience of the people who matter.\n\nPregnant mothers can join the My BabyManual community via the forum, and we also offer a tailored weekly pregnancy journal which is sent by email to correspond with their personal pregnancy journey. All they have to do is sign up and the emails are sent straight to the inbox to offer, guidance, support and to answer the myriad of questions that expectant parents have.\n\nOur features and blogs are written independently - we do not include advertorials and all advertisements are labelled as such. My BabyManual is not sponsored by, and does not endorse, any product or service and our contributors, to the best of our knowledge, are independent of baby and child related companies.\n\nImportant - If you or your child are unwell you should seek medical advice from a professional - contact your GP or visit an A&E department in an emergency. While My BabyManual strives to provide dependable and trusted advice 24/7 via our website pages, we cannot provide individual answers to specific healthcare questions.

St John's House Chichester PO191UU
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My BabyManual - Health Authorities & Trusts - 07973 113715 - Chichester

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