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07836 659958

19 Ardwell Avenue Ilford IG61AW
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About us

Little Acorns Landscape and Garden Contractors have been in business for more than twenty five years. As a family run business we pride ourselves on being a highly ethical company and on maintaining the highest possible standard of work. Based in Redbridge we work throughout Essex and the surrounding locale. All our work is carried out by our own staff we do not use subcontractors. Well before "Organic" became a buzz word we believed in the importance of nature and natural resources and consequently have always worked with the land and not against it. We offer the complete service for landscaping, and love creating fresh ideas to give you your very own personal touch to the precious land. Our first priority and our first loyalty are to our customers and we will always give the best possible advice and the highest standards of workmanship. Please give us a call to discuss your ideas to transform your garden.

19 Ardwell Avenue Ilford IG61AW
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Little Acorns Garden & Landscape Contractors - Landscaping - 07836 659958 - Ilford

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