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01793 851582

Meadow Farm/Marlborough Rd, Wootton Bassett Swindon SN47SA
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About us

Bring your Swindon, Wiltshire property up to date with our Wason and Webb rewiring services. Our electrical contractors undertake a comprehensive examination and installation of electrical wiring for residential and commercial clients. We are comprised of electrical contractors specialising in professional domestic and commercial rewiring services. We have worked on a variety of buildings, including schools, commercial units, churches, and hospitals. Protect your property and its inhabitants with the latest in electrical wiring. We take out existing circuits and install new ones to comply with current electrical regulations. Old properties in particular need this type of work, where their circuits need updating for greater safety and efficiency. Our electrical contractors will carry out a full or partial rewire, as is required, to keep your place safe and powered. Contact us to speak with our tried-and-tested team of rewiring experts.

Meadow Farm/Marlborough Rd, Wootton Bassett Swindon SN47SA
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Wason & Webb Ltd - Electricians - 01793 851582 - Swindon

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