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    having used excel daily for the last few months i have to say that overall their service has been acceptable and their drivers very helpful (i'm disabled and need assistance to enter their cabs from home and from locations to return home). however this week has been a nightmare! i accept that eid on thursday took a huge swathe of drivers off the road. i booked a cab for 1.45 despite a number of phone calls there was still no sign of a cab by 3pm. in the end a friend offered me a lift home which i gratefully accepted. today, sat 26 sep booked a return home for 1.30 and the cab, after a number of phone calls which received very curt and almost rude responses with them putting their phone down on me mid- sentence, finally arrived at 2.20. i don't blame the drivers at all but excel need to more effectively manage their booking systems. they clearly can't cope with a range of cross-city services but also need to manage customer expectations more considerately and advise them if they are n

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