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    i bought a new house built by trimount properties, i experienced so many problems due to them cutting corners. the houses look nice inside and out, but it's the things that you can't see that cause issues: 1) boiler replaced for £4k having wasted £2k on repairs of their installed obsolete boiler that they didn't commission properly. 2) electricity regularly tripped out, due to poor wiring 3) installed windows that do not open properly, serious fire risk 4) design fault in bathroom that traps moisture 5) two power showers that leaked behind the wall due to inferior fittings and poor installation, cost £3k to repair and replace 6) low voltage light bulbs blowing every single week due to shoddy installation 7) when i experienced a problem their 'after sales/customer service' was non existent, they actually laughed down the phone. i liked the house and the location but hated wondering what was going to go wrong next. firms such as this get good builders a bad name avoid! a one star review

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