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    in conwy -

    i met one of castle cabs drivers as i came over the bridge in llanrwst late last night. as i came over the crest of the bridge (leaving llanrwst) i was met by castle cabs (driving into llanrwst) we both stopped, the castle cabs driver then drove aggressively towards me stopping inches from the front of my car they then proceed to refuse to move and kept their lights on full beam. after a stand off of about a minute i reversed back over the crest, back onto the a road only to have the driver flip me the finger as he drove past. the driver needs to understand 3 points (the least important first). 1. the local tradition is that whoever is over the crest first has right of way. 2. the signage on the bridge indicates that i had right of way. 3. it is illegal to reverse onto a a road (which i was forced to do). congratulations castle cabs some of the worst driving i have seen in a long time, i just hope you didn't have paying customers in the cab for their sake.

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