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    absolutely atrocious, i ordered a taxi for a 15 minute drive, after waiting twenty minutes for my taxi, twice the recommended amount, i called and was told it was still on its way and would be “a few minutes.” fast forward ten minutes later and im informed the taxi under my name had been taken by someone else. they then proceeded to say a taxi would arrive imminently to get me on time for my train, another five minutes and i call to be told its waiting around the side. these taxis claim to call upon arrival but it had been sitting in a bay instead of calling to inform me we could depart, or there had been some other failure and the wrong number had been passed along (very possible given the similarity of the number on the drivers phone to my own. instead of departing he then waited more time in the bay instead of driving me to the station. i wound up late, adding an hour and a half to my travel time from a culmination of error, incompetence, and inability to execute the job. rubbish

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