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    used to use this firm all the time, until one day i rang for a taxi and was met with the most rude woman on the end of the phone. i dropped a letter with my destinationss address on it and said '2 seconds', which she then replied 'listen, i don't have 2 seconds for you'. just appalling customer service!! when i tang back to make a complaint and speak to a manager, i was told one wouldn't be in until monday morning (this being friday morning). and the man on the other end of the phone was fine at first, once i stated my complaint, he apologized in the most insincere way, stated how busy they were with the phones ringing constantly, and then said something along the lines of 'it's because of people like you phoning that these things happen, and then you hold us back'. i think you will find it's people like me (paying customers) that you have a job in the first place. manners come free after all. i too work in customer services, and would never dream of speaking to a customer like that!

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