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  1. Gold Line Taxis

    Local Taxis in AL4
    01727 833333
    01727 833333
    Victoria Square St Albans AL13TF

    Latest Reviews

    • Would like to know who owns this ‚Äúcompany !!? Any one??? Just cash ... ahh yes thats why Appalling service over priced Get taxis that take cards Much cheaper

      Why in Why
      07 Apr 19
    • I called 3 different taxi companies in St Albans for a quote, Gold Line gave the best price (also most friendly sounding). I received an SMS with a tracking link so i could see where the driver was and it also showed the make/model/reg and name of the driver. Best service ever

      Jess in St Albans
      26 Nov 17
    • Was charged £15 even though the meter read £10.50. The driver they charge extra at night but the strange thing is, I use the same company to travel at the same times and have always been charged between £8 - £10 according to the meter.

      Saitama in St Albans
      08 Jul 17
    • Got to Stansted airport on time, always answer when i call.

      markovi in London
      17 Nov 10
  2. Go Cars

    Local Taxis in AL4
    01582 494949
    01582 494949
    193-197 Marsh Road Luton LU32QQ

    Latest Reviews

    • Excellent Drive And Service From Mohammed On Time, Clean & Comfortable Taxi Would recommend :) Thank you for a great service

      NURI in Lu3
      01 Dec 21
    • Very rude and unprofessional park on spots where they are not supposed to parked on parking permit holders spot only which is very bad and did not allow room for any space for me to enter and when I asked was here unprofessional and rude to me. Very bad taxi service overall.

      J-k in Luton
      03 Oct 20
    • Very rude, unprofessional and dishonest! Trip charged in full event after confirmed cancellation!

      Ned in London
      14 Nov 19
    • Beware! This company is disingenuous and has very bad customer service. I booked a journey for my parents from London to Luton, which I then cancelled. Despite the cancellation was confirmed by the operator both on the phone and by email, I was still charged the money for the full journey.

      Natasha in London
      14 Nov 19
    • absolutely terrible rude driver refused to take me as he wanted upfront payment which to my knowledge is illegal as he has not fulfilled the service that i am paying for yet i am still being demanded to pay cash upfront otherwise he will not take me anywhere and told me to "Hurry up" in an aggressive manner to get in the taxi, when every other taxi service ive had have no issue with taking me to my location and then paying for the service once ive been taken to my destination, this taxi service doesnt even deserve 1 star rating but its sadly the lowest this site will allow to leave a review, if anyone wants a taxi this is the worst place to go to.

      Matt Porter in Luton
      14 Nov 18
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