How to get the most from your Enhanced Listing on Thomson Local

22 June 2017

So you’ve just bagged yourself an Enhanced Listing on Thomson Local and now you want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Want to find out how?

It's cliche, but your content is king

The biggest advantage of Enhanced Listings over Free Listings is the ability to add more content to describe your business to potential customers. To understand why this additional content is so important here is an example for you.

Imagine you wanted to buy a comedy book and started your search by Googling ‘comedy books’. It’s pretty safe to assume that Amazon will show up pretty highly in those search results.

The link to Amazon won’t just be a link to their homepage though, it will be a link to the specific Amazon page that deals with comedy books.

This is because Google has already examined the millions of pages on for you and decided that the comedy book page is the most useful and relevant page for the search query ‘comedy books’.

All being well, you will click through to this page and purchase a comedy book from the list, most likely basing your decision on the epic description written by the book author and the reviews left by previous readers.

Makes sense right? So how does this all relate to Enhanced Listings?

Well the same thing happens on Thomson Local.

Our individual headings, like builders, plumbers and roofers are all separate pages just like the comedy book category on Amazon and they all rank independently of each other on Google.

We can add your business listing to the ideal heading and work our SEO magic to get that heading to rank highly in search engines, but ultimately it’s the content on your Enhanced Listing that gets you noticed by potential customers and search engines.

To see what I mean, take a look at the example below and imagine you are looking for a professional tyre dealer. Which company from the list are you more likely to choose?

How to rank higher on Google with Thomson Local business listings

So what kind of content should you add to your Enhanced Listing?

The content of your Enhanced Listing is broken up into several areas, making it easy for you to focus on them one at a time.


Think of the strapline as your headline in a newspaper. It’s essentially your opportunity to capture the interest of potential customers in about 10-15 words (well, 70 characters, including spaces, to be exact) or less. 

Personally if I was a roofer I'd probably crack a joke about not being afraid of heights to help me seem more 'human' in the eyes of potential customers. How you choose to put yourself across is entirely up to you.

Tip: Your strapline will also double up as the title of your page when your listing shows up on Google:

Example of how your Thomson Local business listing will appear in Google SERPs

Company profile

It’s tempting to use this section to talk about how amazing your company is and how many decades of experience you, Dave and Norman have combined together. Is that really what your potential customers want to read about though?

Instead, try speaking directly to your customer in a conversational tone, just like you would in person. Focus on the reason why the customer is searching for a business like yours and offer them the perfect solution that they cannot resist.

Paragraph your text where possible rather than bulking the content together into a single text heavy block. You want your content to be easy and attractive to read – especially on mobile devices.

Tip: Don't be alarmed if your content appears to lose the spacing between paragraphs after you've finished adding it to AdCentre. The paragraphs will still show up in the live version of your Enhanced Listing.

Unique selling points

This is your opportunity to highlight key things that set you apart from your competitors. Can you get to a customer’s house within 30 minutes of their phone call? Do you offer discounts for the elderly? Shout about it here.


The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words. Take advantage of this with eye catching images of what you do, such as before and after pictures or high resolution shots of your work. It also helps to include photos of where your business is located – especially if customers often struggle to find your storefront.


Use this section to further entice customers by listing your facilities, features, opening hours and payment methods to set yourself apart from competitors.

So if you have toilets, baby changing rooms or a cash machine on site then shout about it. If you accept lesser mainstream payment methods such as PayPal, American Express or Bitcoin then make this clear.  

Accreditations can also help secure customer interest. So if you are an award winning professional or have been featured in well-known magazines or on TV then let people know about it.

Enhanced content

Linking to your social media accounts is great for SEO, helping to show an association between them and your company. The special offers section is also perfect for getting your current promotions and deals noticed – who doesn’t love a deal?!

How much content should you aim to add to your Enhanced Listing?

Try to add at least 300 words in total across all sections of your listing, this is to avoid your Enhanced Listing page being flagged as a ‘thin content’ page by Google's Panda Algorithm. Ideally your Company Profile section should contain the bulk of this content.

Google Panda thin content penalty

Should you link to your Enhanced Listing from your website?

You absolutely should. Linking to your Enhanced Listing from your website and social media accounts will send a clear signal to search engines that your Enhanced Listing is worth looking at. All being well, this can result in an SEO boost, helping to elevate your Enhanced Listing in search engine results.

Is there anything else you can do to boost your Enhanced Listing?

Upgrading your Enhanced Listing to a Sponsored Listing is a great way to get a boost in calls and clicks. Essentially you will guarantee that your business listing will always appear in either position 1 or 2 in search results for your directory area.

There are only two Sponsored Listing slots available per heading and directory area, making this a powerful local advertising tool with strictly limited availability – so snap yours up before its too late.

To find out more about Sponsored Listings please contact your Thomson Local rep or give our friendly team a call on 03330 145 045


- Credit to National Tyres and Autocare for an example of a fully completed Enhanced Listing.

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