What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, or Search Engine Marketing, is an advertising model of increasing the visibility of your website on search engines results pages, such as Google or Microsoft Bing, by paying to appear on the search engine itself.

It works by your advert being displayed to potential customers based on the words and phrases that they search for. You then pay each time these potential customers click through to your website.

PPC is an excellent way to generate almost immediate traffic to your website, This is ideal if you have a brand-new site and need to gain initial traffic while you wait for natural organic traffic to develop. It is also a useful tool to generate traffic to sales landing pages with special offers and promotions.

The effectiveness of this type of advertising can be measured using the ratios CPC (cost per click) or CPI (cost per impression).

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An example of a PPC advert on a desktop scree to help advertise a local business.

How to get the most from your PPC campaign

The ideal goal of any successful PPC campaign is for you to make more money in sales from converting clicks into customers than you pay to get those clicks in the first place. To achieve this, you need to ensure that your website matches the expectations of anyone choosing to click on your advert.

This includes:

  • Sending visitors to the correct page
  • Honouring any special offers or claims listed in your advert
  • Making sure relevant information is easy to find
  • Ensuring the page loads fast with no errors
  • Providing clear signage for visitors to convert into customers

What’s included in your PPC campaign?

  • Keywords

    The words and phrases related to what you do, for example, "emergency plumber" or "24-hour locksmith". These words and phrases are then matched with the keywords that people type into search engines.

  • Ad Text

    Your ad text includes two headlines, a description, and a URL to your page. We can also include your business phone number and address - however, there are no guarantees that the search engines will choose to show them.

  • GEO Modifiers

    This is the location you want to cover, so, if you want your advert to appear in Guildford, this would be added as a GEO modifier. Your advert can also be shown to searchers based on the location of their IP address.

  • PPC Fund

    This is the pot used to fund your PPC adverts. Your fund will be spread effectively across the month and any unused fund will be rolled over into the following month.

Why choose thomsonlocal PPC Flex

In these challenging times, choosing the right PPC provider has never been more important. thomsonlocal have over 20 years' experience in running PPC campaigns for SMEs, both locally and nationally.

Our PPC Flex service runs on an industry leading, award-winning budgeting platform that uses real-time bidding algorithms to generate effective campaigns for your business.

We spread your fund across both Google and Microsoft Bing increasing your opportunities to be seen online.

Not only does our PPC Flex have one of the lowest management fees in the marketplace today, ranging from 10% to 20% depending on the level of management you require, it has also been created to provide you with maximum flexibility allowing you to flex your spend when you need to and even pause your service should you need to*.

Flexible management options

  • 1


    You will manage your spend and monitor performance through our customer portal. We will determine the most appropriate keywords based on your business sector and location.

    What's Included
    No set up fee
    Flexible monthly spend
    Summary performance report
    Award winning bid platform
  • 2


    We will work closely with you to ensure your campaign is providing maximum return. You manage your monthly spend and monitor performance through our customer portal. Pause your campaign for up to 3 months within a 12-month period*.

    What's Included
    Low set up fee
    Flexible monthly spend
    Detailed performance report
    Ability to pause for up to 3 months*
    Award winning bid platform
  • 3

    Fully Managed

    We manage your campaign for you. We monitor performance and adjust keywords and content when necessary. You can manage your spend and monitor performance through our customer portal. Pause your campaign for up to 3 months within a 12-month period*.

    What's Included
    Low set up fee
    Flexible monthly spend
    Performance monitoring & reporting
    Ability to pause for up to 3 months*
    Award winning bid platform
    Automatic content adjustment

*Your fund will be set to £1 per month to cover administrative costs whilst your campaign is paused

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What our customers say about thomsonlocal

  • I could not recommend thomsonlocal highly enough for a new business or even an established business. They know what they are talking about and certainly stick to what they say and I for one know I will go nowhere else but thomsonlocal for my online marketing.
    Ryan Roofing
  • We advertise on thomsonlocal.com under Burglar Alarms mainly in the Lewisham & Greenwich and Bromley areas. The products are truly helping our online visibility and generating quality business. We are extremely happy with the results from this digital advertising.
    C & C Security Systems
  • We use a range of their services including thomsonlocal.com and pay per click and not only do we find this effective but also good value compared to our spend. Recently we branched out business into a different sector and thomsonlocal has given us a great platform in which to take a foothold in this market.
    Platt & Davis Building Services
  • I have been advertising with Thomsons for the past 25 years. I have regular phone calls and emails from other advertising companies offering similar services to yourselves, I have tried some but do not get the same level of service or , the same results I achieve through Thomsons.
    Crown Glass
  • Since signing up to Get Me Everywhere I have found the website traffic has gone up exponentially and customers will say that they saw a photo on the website or something similar when on the job. We never used to receive this traffic and practically since signing up this has given us a large amount of business.
    AKS Pest Control Ltd
  • I have been advertising with Thomson’s for over 20 years now and cannot speak highly enough of the service that I have had in that time. I have two web-sites with them and am very pleased with the appearance and the managing of the sites, not to mention the marked increase in enquiries.
    Teale Building & Preservation
  • We have had a website with thomsonlocal for 3 years and found it useful being able to monitor its success as our customer base grew. Overall we have found dealing with thomsonlocal to be easy and helpful. It has definitely been beneficial to our company.
    Domestic Appliances Ltd
  • I have been using Thompson Local on line services in the Lambeth area and found it to be excellent for potential customers to see us on line and to be able to contact us direct.
    Tumblewash Launderettes
  • At McKeown Fencing we have been using thomsonlocal for many years. Over that time thomsonlocal and the services they offer have been an important part of our marketing strategy. Through the development of our website, ensuring in ranks high in Google and our listings on their website we have been able to strengthen our position in our market place.
    McKeown Fencing
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