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Welcome to the ultimate A-Z Fencing guide with everything you need to know about hiring a local fencing contractor. This includes detailed explanations of the fence and gate services commonly offered as well as recommendations on the best fencing specialists to hire.

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Why hire a fencing specialist?

An example of a fencing fencing contractor installing a new fence

Your property is probably one of the most significant investments you'll ever make, so ensuring that you secure your home or business with a high-quality fence should be one of your top priorities. A good fence can also improve the aesthetic appearance of your property and even add to its value.

Installed correctly, your fence can last for decades, which is why it's so important to hire a professional fencing contractor with the skills and experience to get the job completed to the highest possible standard.

How much does a new fence cost?

The price of a new fence depends on several factors such as:

  • The type of fence you need
  • The type of foundations and posts used (concrete or timber)
  • How much area your fence will cover
  • The height and width of your fence panels

There are also aesthetic choices to consider too, such as whether you require decorative fence panels, wood staining or custom fence lighting. Because of this high degree of personalisation, the price for a new fence will depend on your specific circumstances. Thankfully though, most fencing contractors will be willing to provide you with a comprehensive quote when you call.

What kind of fence do I need?

To understand what kind of fence you'll need it's best to start with the goal of your fence. For example, are you looking to add polish to a landscaped garden with a short white picket fence? Or are you looking for something more practical, such as a high fence for privacy and security reasons? Knowing your goals in advance will go a long way towards ensuring that you choose the fence that's right for you.

Your second priority should be to review the current style and features of your property to ensure that your new fence doesn't introduce a conflicting style. For example, a fence with timber posts might be better suited to Victorian properties that feature timber in their construction. Whereas a fence with concrete posts would blend well with a modern property.

Here are the pros and cons of both material types:

Concrete posts


  • Long lasting
  • Easy to slide new fence panels in/out


  • Not particularly attractive
  • Harder to install due to their weight

Timber posts


  • Blends seamlessly with wooden fence panels
  • Lightweight (can be installed by one person)


  • Not as long lasting as concrete

What kind of fencing services are available?

An example of a fence that’s commonly available from fencing contractors

Depending on your fencing contractor, the following fencing services are usually available as standard:

Fence repairs

If your fence has suffered weather damage, subsidence or general wear and tear then it's well-worth exploring whether or not it's more cost-effective to get the fence repaired rather than replaced. This also applies to fence post repairs.

Fence installations

Installing a new fence can be tricky, particularly if there are no existing fence foundations. Concrete fences, in particular, require a great deal of heavy lifting, which is why it's best to leave the fence installation in the hands of a professional fencing contractor.

Foundation installations

Installing the foundations for your new fence is a task best to the professionals. This is because great care must be taken to ensure your fence is both level and able to withstand local weather conditions. You do however have the option of purchasing your own fence panels rather than using the fence panels that your fencing contractor provides.

Hedge & Tree Removal

Depending on the desired location for your new fence, you may need to clear a path before the installation can begin. This can range from clearing hedges and roots, to removing trees entirely. In the case of the latter, your fencing contractor will be able to arrange for this to be carried out using specialised tools and safety measures.

Panelling options

Your fencing contractor will be able to help you select the ideal fence panels for your property to ensure they blend well with existing features. This includes:

  • Picket fence panels
  • Trellis panels
  • Plastic panels
  • Lattice fence panels
  • Metal fence panels

Gate options

No fence is complete without an appropriate gate and your fencing contractor will be able to advise you about the best choice for your needs and style. This includes:

  • Driveway gates
  • Wooden gates
  • Garden gates
  • Metal gates
  • Electric gates
  • Iron gates
  • Farm gates

What are the common types of fence?

An example of a white picket garden fence

Fences come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to suit almost any purpose or style. All you need to do is choose the fence that's right for you.

Garden fences

From short white picket fences to garden border fences, there are many styles to choose from, with customisation possible via wood staining, paint and alternative materials such as plastic, metal and concrete.

Stock fencing

If you keep livestock on your property, such as chickens, then a stock fence is an easy way to keep them safe and secure.

Privacy fences

A privacy fence is an excellent way to enhance the privacy and security of your property. This usually involves high fences to block your property from the general public's line of sight.

Acoustic fencing

Acoustic fences are commonly found alongside motorways and busy roads, but they are also available for personal and business use to minimise noise pollution. This is an excellent option if you live next to a busy street or an area where excessive noise can be a problem.

Electric fences

Electric fences are commonly found on farms, builders merchant yards and car lots. If you are interested in purchasing an electric fence, it's important to be aware of electric fence safety rules for their use, such as displaying clear warning signs at correct intervals along the fence boundary.

Pet fence

Many fencing contractors will provide fences that are tailored for specific pets. For example, a high fence with an overhang or textured surface could be used to prevent cats from entering or leaving your garden. Whereas a fence with deep foundations and a medium height will prevent dogs from leaving or entering your garden by digging or climbing.

Flower bed fencing

If you are a budding green-fingered gardener, then you'll probably want to keep your flower beds in good condition. An excellent way to do this is to install a flower bed fence to prevent animals, children and even adults from stepping on your flowers. Depending on your choice of flower bed fencing, your fence can also add to the aesthetics of your horticultural efforts.

Commercial fencing

If you want to keep your commercial property safe and secure, then specialist commercial fencing is an excellent choice. This can include high fence panels further secured by electric or physical barriers such as barbed wire or razor wire.

What kind of gate services are available?

An example of a garden gate with a garden in the background

As we mentioned earlier, no fence is complete without a gate. Your fencing contractor will be able to help you select a gate that's best suited to your style options and needs.

Driveway gates

If you keep vehicles on your driveway, then it's always sensible to secure your driveway access with a gate. This can range from manual sliding and bifold options to fully automated electric gating accessed via remotes or sensors.

Garden gates

It may sound obvious, but a simple garden gate can enhance the security of your property. This is for the simple reason that a fence without a gate might be perceived by criminals as an open invitation to further explore a property with poor overall security.

Farm gates

Keeping your livestock, equipment and property security is paramount, especially if your farm is in a remote location.

Need help with your fencing?

If you need help erecting a fence or would like some advice from a local fencing contractor, then please visit our fencing services page and place a search in your local area. You’ll then be able to find phone numbers for local fencing companies, customer reviews and a full list of the services that each company provides.

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