Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

03 August 2018

Every small business owner dreams about running a successful business - no matter the industry. Eventually, the owner desires to expand the business, bring in more clients and get their name out, which is easier said than done.

Your business might offer an amazing product or one-of-a-kind services and experiences, but with a faulty marketing strategy, your reach may be very limited. Word of mouth, flyers and articles in your local newspaper might give the impression of successful marketing tactics - after all, they are classic examples, but in reality, they are far outdated.

Marketing then

Before the rise of social media platforms, small business owners got their name out through classic marketing tactics - asking clients for referrals, creating discounts, runnings ads in local newspapers and other similar practices. These methods were effective then, as other marketing options were not available at the time but with the rise of new technology in recent years, small businesses now need to learn to adapt in order to be successful.

Marketing now

With the rise of new technology and social media, conventional marketing practices were flipped upside down. Successful businesses always follow their potential clients, and today, that would be social media.

No matter what industry, almost every consumer uses social media to some extent - and businesses that don’t take advantage of this are set to fail. If your small business does not appear on any social media platforms, then how should clients have known about its existence?

Creating a Facebook business page and including business information, pictures and contact details is a must. If you are running new offers, hosting an event, or providing a new product or service, posting this information on all of your platforms you utilise is perfect for attracting potential clients.

Since we are visual beings, creating an Instagram page for your business is an additional place to market what you do. Providing pictures of your products and services lets them speak for themselves, giving clients a taste of what they can expect from your business.

Diving deeper

Aside from these options, some social media platforms offer advanced marketing options as well. Though they are paid for, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow business owners to send ads aimed at your potential clients based on their specific information. Target potential clients living in your area, select the age group and interests - In other words, advertising with pinpoint accuracy.

Nowadays, staying in the social media spotlight is a must if your business is to succeed.

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