How To Find And Check Your Boiler Pressure

19 June 2018

Finding your boiler gauge

Checking your boiler pressure should be a simple process but one that is important in order to understand what’s going on in your home.

For most models, you can check your boiler pressure by simply locating a dial or digital display attached to it.  A large number of boilers will have the display front and centre in a fairly obvious location.

Older boilers that use the dial will have a rating that usually ranges from zero to three.  If the dial is hovering closer to 0 then 1 then you might have a problem with the pressure.

Newer boilers that have a digital display may have a number of readings on them but once you’ve located the one that you’re after, it should make it clear whether the pressure is too low or not.  If the reading is below 0.5, there’s a chance that there’s a problem. 

I can’t find my pressure gauge

how to find a check your boiler pressure

If you can’t find the pressure on your boiler, don’t worry, it’s likely you’re not alone.

There are a number of different models with well-hidden pressure gauges that can really leave you scratching your head as to where it might be.  As we previously mentioned, they’re usually in easy-to-see places but if you’re not that lucky, the best way around it is to check your manual.

Of course, it’s not always as simple as finding a manual as they have a habit of going missing when you need them most.  If that’s the case, you may find a copy of the manual for your boiler online.  Simply type the model number and manual into a search engine and there’s a good chance it will pop up.  There should be a section within that clearly identifies where you’ll find your pressure gauge.

The importance of your boiler pressure gauge

Checking on your boiler pressure means that you can identify when problems might arise, allowing you to foresee problems and get an expert in to help you before the problem gets worse.

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