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02 November 2017

As one of the largest UK business directory websites, Thomson Local is well placed to help you find the company you are looking for. Each of our local business listings contains all the business contact details you need to get in touch, including business phone numbers, business addresses and website URL.

Many local business listings on Thomson Local also include lists of services, payment methods, special offers and easy to follow Google map directions. You can also find ratings and local business reviews from previous customers to help you make an informed decision about which local trader you decide to hire. 

Here are some handy tips on how to use Thomson Local's business search to find a local business near you:

How to perform a local business search

From the Thomson Local homepage you can easily perform a business lookup by typing in the industry type (such as taxi, plumber, builder, etc.) and your desired location. You will then be presented with a list of businesses most relevant to your local business search.

From this local business listings page you can easily choose between the various companies offering products and services near you. Clicking on any of these business listings will take you to a dedicated profile page for that business that contains their business contact details.

How to filter a local businesses search by reviews and distance

After you have placed a business search you will be presented with a search results page of local business listings ordered by relevancy to your search terms. If you click on the filters button at the top of the page you can then easily filter these local business listings by ratings or distance.

This filter makes it easier for you to find a local business that’s close by or to see how well your local community favours the products and services they have received from the business in question.

How to filter a local business by Gas Safe Register or similar trade bodies

Following the same method as above you can filter local business listings by registered trade body. This allows you to find businesses that have received accreditation from recognised trade associations such as City & Guilds, the Gas Safe Register or the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

This gives you the confidence that the local business that you choose to hire has undertaken appropriate assessments and is committed to working with skill and integrity when you hire them.

How to find additional details about a local business

After performing a local business search and finding yourself on the local business listings page you can then click on the ‘more info’ tab to take you to a dedicated local listing page. We refer to this page as a Business Listing and pack it full of all the business contact details you will need to get in touch.

From this page you can often find lists of available services, opening hours, accepted payment methods, special offers, photos of previous work and a detailed business description. This description is often used to showcase the businesses history, work ethics and anything else they feel that sets them apart from their local competitors.

You can also read detailed reviews from previous customers, leave a review of the business yourself and get detailed directions to the business via the map.

How to contact Thomson Local regarding your local business search

If you have any questions or issues locating a local business on Thomson Local please don't hesitate to give our dedicated Customer Services team a call on 03330 145 045 or visit our Contact us Page for other ways to get in touch.

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