Five Car Noises You Shouldn't Ignore

24 July 2018

The unknown is usually something we’re all afraid of.  Whether it’s wondering what’s around the next corner or who’s knocking at the door, if we don’t know who or what it is, then we’re immediately sceptical and sometimes a little bit worried.  When your car starts making noises that you’re not familiar with, then it’s likely that something might be wrong.  The problem is, unless you’re a professional, you probably don’t know.

Noise from the engine

A clicking or tapping sound from the engine means that it’s low on oil.  In the first instance, check the oil level and if it is low, put some more in.  If the oil level is ok or if you’re still experiencing issues after topping it up, then the problem could be elsewhere.  Perhaps a blockage or something related to the valve – either way, it’s an issue that will need a mechanic’s attention.

Rattling noise

A rattling noise from beneath your car is likely to mean that something is loose.  Whether it’s a loose exhaust or even brake pads, it’s likely that it’s not a good sign.

Sound when turning a corner

If there’s any sound that occurs when you’re turning a corner and not happening at any other time, then there’s probably an issue with your steering.  Your steering linkage may need lubricating, or it might possibly be damaged.  At worst, you’ll need it to be replaced.

Clunking when braking

The last thing you want to hear when slowing your car down is any noise whatsoever.  If you’re putting your foot to the brake and hear a ‘clunking’ sound, then it might be the case that the brake caliper is damaged.

It may also be that some other component is missing or improperly mounted but it’s something that you’ll need to see a specialist about as soon as possible.

Grinding sound when shifting gear

This is without a doubt an issue with the clutch.  The grinding sound will mean that something either requires adjusting or is worn.  In a worst-case scenario, it could also mean that there’s a deeper problem with your vehicle.

Speak to a professional

As a general rule, if there’s a sound or noise coming from anywhere on your vehicle that you’re unsure of, then get it fixed.  It’s likely that you’ll need a professional in order to help you with it, so even if it’s a small sound, you could be saving yourself further hassle down the line by seeing to it early. 

Don’t delay, get in touch with your local car expert straight away.

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