Five ways you can help a tradesperson get the job done faster

21 May 2018

If you want to make sure that you can get a tradesperson who can complete the job quickly and efficiently then there’s a number of things that you can do in order to help move things along.

They say that ‘time is money’ and in no case is that truer than with a tradesperson.  The longer the job takes, the more money will be taken from your pocket.  You’ll also want quality though, so we’ve put together five ways that you can help to get the best job in the quickest time.

Have a clear idea as to what you want

Every job starts from an initial idea and when hiring someone, it’s you who will be providing them with the idea.  Whether it’s a conservatory, garden project or even making a room in the home bigger, you’ll need to be clear and concise with the tradesperson as to what you want and how.

If you don’t have a clear picture and stumble through your explanation then the job won’t be completed in an efficient manner and at worst, won’t be anything like what you dreamed of.

An ideal timescale

Setting expectations is important both for you as a customer and for a tradesperson.  They will know how long it will take and you will know how quickly you want it done.  By talking about the timescale on both sides, you and your tradesperson will understand what’s possible in a certain period of time, letting both parties agree and be aware of what’s expected before commencing with work.

A working area that’s not cluttered

In order to perform a job correctly, you need to have a clear area to work in. 

Asking a double glazier to install double glazing into your home but leaving your sofa or shelving unit in the way of the window frame won’t help matters much. 

With this in mind, it’s always smart to leave the area that’s to be worked upon clear and free from clutter.  Whether it’s a just a little tidy-up that’s needed or moving furniture into another room, everything you do to leave a tradesperson with as much room as possible will help them to get started on the job right away.

Prompt payment

Making sure you’re paying traders on time will also speed the process up. 

Most will ask for a deposit up front, so any delay in paying this will naturally mean work won’t start.  Longer projects might mean more upfront so bear this in mind.  Either way, paying for the work that you need to be completed is a non-negotiable part of having it done.

A cup of tea

What better for a tradesperson than a refreshing and endless supply of tea! 

Keep them well stocked up with tea, coffee, water or anything else that they might like so they can focus on the job at hand rather than their quench for a drink.

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