Why You Should Get a Taxi Over An Uber

31 July 2018

Look back in the dictionary a decade ago and the term Uber would only refer to a word that described something that went to a great or extreme degree.  Fast forward to present day and Uber is synonymous with providing people with an alternative to the traditional taxis that have served us so well for decades.  Can you really trust Uber to provide you with the same service as a taxi though?

Here’s a few reasons why sticking with tradition, pays off.


You don’t want to think about it but sometimes the worst can happen.  Accidents and mistakes occur at an alarming rate, especially on the roads where you live, so ending up liable for damages that weren’t your fault, isn’t something you want.

Commercial vehicle insurance can be expensive but it’s something that Uber drivers might not have, which means that you can be left open to covering the cost of the unthinkable - should you be unlucky enough to be put in that situation.

Background checks

While this is an ever-changing situation, in the past, checks for professional taxi drivers have been far more extensive than those for Uber.  Uber has recently improved the background checks it takes out due to more than a few problems with its service, but the process is still not as thorough as that of traditional taxi drivers.

Years of service

A long-standing tradition and service is something you don’t build-up overnight. 

Professional taxi drivers have been serving customers for years and are set to do so for the foreseeable future.  They know where you are, where you want to go and can get you there with minimal fuss.

It avoids the unknown

Having the correct insurance, extensive background checks and years of providing top-level service means that by getting into a taxi you’re not stepping into the unknown.  So why risk going from A to B by getting anything else?

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