How To Pack Valuable Items When Moving Home

26 September 2018

When moving home there are a million and one things that you have to do, all of which will mean a stressful time for you and your family.  The last thing that you need then, is for one of your valuable items to go missing, damaged or even broken beyond repair.  With everything else that goes on during a house move, it’s the last thing that you need.

How can you make sure that your most valuable items make it to your new home?

Make sure you’ve got the right supplies

In order to look after your valuable and more delicate items, start with having the right packing supplies to look after items which are close to your heart.

When it comes to packing, the most important part of it is making sure that all of your valuables travel safely.  This means that you’ll need boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap as a minimum for smaller items and even blankets for bigger items to protect them from scratches.

Looking after small valuables

Moving valuable items on a smaller scale will mean you’ll need to think before you pack.  If you want them to come out unscathed on the other side, it’s not just a case of throwing them in a box and taping it up.  You’ll need to consider every item and how it might be affected before packing.

One of the smallest and most valuable things that you might have is likely to be jewellery.  It may seem obvious but the safest place for them to be able to be transported is in their own boxes.  They’re designed to keep them safe and in-tact, so use them if you have the original or obtain a replacement if you don’t.

For framed art you can purchase specific moving boxes that can fit frames, keeping them safe and free from the risk of scratches during the move.

Packing valuable electronics

When it comes to electronics such as TVs, PCs or even kitchen appliances like washing machines or tumble dryers, you want to make sure that they also make it to your new home without taking damage.

The best way to do this is to pack them in their original packing.  For most items though, the original packaging is likely to have been thrown out years ago.  If this is the case, then you’ll need to ensure you apply vigorous amounts of bubble wrap and pack them neatly into boxes that don’t leave too much room for them to move about.

Moving antique furniture and bigger valuables

For bigger items and antique furniture, you’ll need to be extremely careful.

Covering them in either bubble wrap or blankets that cover corners and legs is imperative.  You’ll also need to make sure that they’re being moved with the right equipment, so again, items such as dollies or sliders are a must in order to avoid damage.

The safest way to move valuables

The safest way to move items of value though is to hire a professional removal firm.  Not only will this mean that an expert can handle all of your moving troubles, it should also take part of the stress of removing off of your mind.

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