How secure is your home against burglaries?

29 June 2017

According to the Office for National Statistics there were 664,000 burglaries recorded in England and Wales between January and December 2016.

That’s an average of 55,333 burglaries a month, 1,976 burglaries a day, or more worryingly 27 burglaries out of every 1000 households.

With such startlingly high statistics, it’s right to be concerned about the security of your home or business. Especially when the results of a burglary can be so devastating, not only to your bank balance, but also to the self-assurance of being secure in your own home – a feeling that we all often take for granted.

Is your home secure?

Burglary prevention goes beyond simply ensuring windows and doors are locked, it means being aware of common scams – such as thieves masquerading as buyers and contacting sellers of items to see whether the seller is home or not. 

You can invest in the very best home security systems such as security cameras, complete CCTV systems and burglar alarms, but ultimately the best smart home security system you can ever invest in is taking simple steps to ensure that your home isn’t an obvious target for thieves.

What can you do to help secure your home?

To answer this question we’ve partnered up with the home security experts at Sainsbury's Bank who were kind enough to share the following info-graphic from their Money Matters blog.

The info-graphic details the obvious and not so obvious steps you can take to keep your home secure from intruders. For your convenience a PDF version of this info-graphic can be downloaded here.

How to secure my home from burglaries Thomson Local Sainsburys Bank Money Saving

Want to speak to a local security specialist?

If you are concerned about the security of your home or business and want to speak to an expert, get in touch with a local home security specialist on Thomson Local today.

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