Why you shouldn't go to work ill

28 September 2018

No one wants to be unwell.  It stops us from not only working but also doing the things we love.  Having the flu or something similar means that even generating the strength needed in order to watch a season of your favourite show on Netflix might be more energy than you can muster.  Despite this, some people still manage to get to work in a less than reasonable state, feeling that they have to walk through brick walls in order to slouch over their desk for seven hours a day.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, it’s actually counter-productive for some companies when you force yourself to go in and there’s a number of reasons why.


Going to work with any type of virus can cause disaster for the company. 

Allowing your friends, colleagues and even bosses to catch whatever virus you have can cause projects to stop, everyday tasks to stand still and even offices and shops to close.  Letting others catch what you have and passing your bug on to them can cause untold problems in your work environment as well as the personal issues others might face if they catch your disease.

You’ll get sick more often

Why you shouldn't go to work ill

Going to work and not looking after yourself will only see you become more unwell.  Not dealing with the problems you face straight away won’t give your body the proper time and recuperation it needs in order to fully recover.

It costs your company money

If all of the above isn’t bad enough, it’ll also cost your company money. 

Going to work and only being half as productive as you usually are, will mean that your company isn’t getting what they expect from you, with a low performance often meaning fewer sales or output.

You need to rest

Why you shouldn't go to work ill

While you may not be too bothered about your company losing money because of your lack of well-being, it is important to heed your body’s own warnings and rest. 

Take the time to sleep, take medicine and get yourself back to a level of energy that means you can perform to the best of your abilities again.

Vicious Cycle

If you continue to arrive at work when you’re ill, you’ll enter a vicious cycle of feeling tired and unwell the majority of the time – the same can be said if you choose not to go in and don’t rest properly.

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