Who Should You Tip And How Much?

26 July 2018

When it comes to paying a bill the option of whether to tip or not is made even more awkward by wondering how much or little is acceptable?  How can you side-step this socially awkward issue and reward a good service with the appropriate level of tip?  We’ve got some helpful advice on how to tip just the right amount.

Taxi drivers

Getting a taxi means that you’ve admitted that you need to go from A to B with minimum fuss, so if you’re happy with the service that you’ve received, a little tip shouldn’t be out of the question. 

In general, the tip to offer a taxi driver is to round the total amount up to the nearest pound or uttering the phrase ‘keep the change.’  Either should provide the driver with a small amount of appreciation for the service you’ve received.


Restaurants and the waiters and waitresses who serve you is likely to be the first thing you think of when you think of tipping someone.  Whether it’s at a casual restaurant or a more luxurious setting, waiters and waitresses, by definition, wait hand and foot for your every need.  Whether it be the initial order, more condiments, extra drinks or even a strange request, they’ll usually provide you with a level of service that’s unmatched in other professions. 

With this in mind, it’s usually customary to offer a 10% tip of the overall bill, resulting in larger tips in more luxurious restaurants but still offering a fair amount when dining in a casual manner. 

Window Cleaners/Bin Men

These traders usually fall under the ‘seasonal tip’ category, where a £10 or £20 tip can help them to enjoy the festive season.  It’s acknowledgement for cleaning your windows or taking your bins out in all of the extremities that weather brings.


The common tip for allowing someone to take a pair of scissors to your hair is around 10% or to the nearest pound if you’re happy with the outcome. 

Depending on how often you visit, you may want to tip a little bit more, with £5 and £10 tips from clients occurring regularly. 

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