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26 February 2018

Writing for Thomson Local is relatively straightforward. We just need you to be aware of a few things before beavering away on your article.

1. Quality matters

You don’t need to be the next Shakespeare but we do expect a good standard of English.

This means avoiding things like:

  • Typos and common grammar errors
  • Pluralisation issues – such as ‘Equipments’
  • United States English such as ‘organize’ and ‘realize’
  • Excessive exclamation marks
  • Internet acronyms and 'txt spk' like lol, rofl and w/o
  • Swearing or inappropriate/offensive language
  • Pretentious words like ‘ergo’, ‘patently’ or ‘per se’
  • Referring to Thomson Local as Thompson Local

What we do like to see:

  • Content that is conversational, friendly and speaks directly to the reader
  • Simplified content – a ‘for example’ is better than an ‘e.g.’
  • Any numbers after nine being written as digits rather than words
  • Use of regular hyphens to connect linked words like ‘sugar-free’
  • Use of large hyphens to make linked sentence stand out – like this
  • Humour – as long as it fits in with the article and isn’t personal or offensive
  • Bullet points for lists – especially when listing features or benefits

2. Writing for mobile readers

The majority of Thomson Local readers visit using their mobile devices. To help cater for their reduced screen size we try to write in shorter sentences.

We also try to keep our paragraphs quite short and snappy, sometimes just to a single line like this one.

Writing content with ‘one thought per paragraph’ in mind helps to keep people interested; it also reads quite nicely too.

3. Writing with SEO in mind

Don’t worry we don’t expect you to be an SEO expert but there are some basic things you can do to help your article perform better on the search engines:

  • Have a headline that features a relevant keyword people might search for
  • Or, have a headline with an emotive statement/hook that encourages people to click
  • Include H2 subheadings to break apart your content into subject specific sections
  • Mention relevant keywords early on in your articles content

4. Don’t over promote

It’s fine if your content is written to promote your services or a product, but it needs to be done within reason and not at the expense of the reading experience.

The primary purpose of your content should be to entertain and engage the reader with something useful or interesting – then you should refer to your product or service in a natural and contextual way.

5. Your author snippet and author page

As a contributor to the Thomson Local blog you will have a dedicated author page that includes:

  • Your photo or a picture of your company logo
  • Links to all your Thomson Local contributions
  • A short bio (or snippet) that is also displayed below your articles
  • A longer bio for people to read more about you

We allow authors to directly promote themselves, their company or their website via their bio and snippet. Any URLs added to the bio or snippet will be dofollow.

If you want to write for Thomson Local we will need you to supply your bios and photo along with your first contribution.

6. Social media sharing and tags

Please share your Thomson Local submissions on your own social media channels to ensure maximum exposure for your content.

You can use the following tags to mention us in your link descriptions:

  • Facebook: @thomsonlocalcom
  • Twitter: @thomson_local
  • LinkedIn: @Thomson_Local

We will also do the same, so please pass your social tags along with your completed submissions so that we can mention you or your company.

7. Article images

Submitting images with your blog posts and articles isn’t necessary as we will be happy to source images ourselves.

If however you have specific images in mind to compliment your content then please choose images that are free to use/licence free and send us the link to the image.

If you have an existing image to supply then please include a link to where you sourced the image and ensure the following dimensions are met:

Width: 700 pixels
Height: No more than 500 pixels

8. The small print

Just a few things we need to make you aware of before you submit any content to Thomson Local:

  • We may choose to promote your content on our social channels, company newsletter or other mediums.
  • We will always try to credit you in these instances but we cannot always guarantee this. You will however always be credited as the original author via the snippet below your articles and via your author page.
  • Your articles must be original and once they are posted to Thomson Local they cannot be posted elsewhere on the internet. Doing so will result in your content showing up as duplicate content.
  • We may choose to edit your articles and images for any reason.
  • We reserve the right to repurpose your articles for any reason, such as converting into an infographic or using them for any other purpose.

9. How do you submit an article?

Please send an email to and include the following in your email:

  1. A short pitch that outlines what your article is about
  2. The headline of your article – a draft headline is fine
  3. An estimation of when you could get the completed article to us

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Thomson Local Team

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