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01273 979874

F3 20 St Aubyns Hove BN32TD
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About us

Ingrid Heskett founded madebyi in 2005 with a unique vision. She did not want to see her role as someone whose function was limited to just making a dress. Ingrid had a bigger vision, rooted in a refreshing point of view on the role that an outfit plays in skating. "A skaters outfit is about so much more than just looking good" says Ingrid. "Of course the dress needs to look stunning, but skating is also about executing technical maneuvers at speed, under extreme pressure, so garments need to be designed to handle the physical and technical demands of the sport, as well as the artistic. Done well, this can help enhance the skater's performance with elegance and grace, whilst under physical pressure. Skaters' performances are also about realizing a vision, trying to express an idea, so the outfit must serve this vision, it must help to make it come alive, to live and breathe on the ice." Hence Ingrid sees her role as being a partner for the skating team, part of the group of people trying to create a great performance not just as someone who is making a dress.

F3 20 St Aubyns Hove BN32TD
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