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01437 779999

2 Corner House Portfield Haverfordwest SA611BW
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About us

Welcome to Seraphim Aesthetics, the experts in the science of Skin care, Anti Ageing Therapy and Beauty.\n\nNestling on top of one of the hills on which Haverfordwest sits, Seraphim Aesthetics is a quiet oasis in the midst of this bustling County Town. A quiet serene atmosphere envelopes you when you step into this luxurious state of the art facility. Imagine you have the power to turn back time reverse the signs of ageing and relive the age of Seductress in you.\n\nWe at Seraphim Aesthetics want to get the Siren in you scream silently "I am beautiful, you may swoon at my feet"

2 Corner House Portfield Haverfordwest SA611BW
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Seraphim Aesthetics - Cosmetic Surgery - 01437 779999 - Haverfordwest

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