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024 7650 2777

173 Daventry Road Coventry CV35HF
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About us

Touch Of Vape is brand new specialist vape boutique and e-cigarette store. All of the leading brands of e-liquids and hardware for vaping and e-cigarettes. \n\nOur professional and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer any of your questions. The store itself has a modern and upmarket feel to it, to assist with our main aim of making any customer visiting feel comfortable.\n\nAll our products are carefully selected to have the best flavour and to provide the best possible vaping experience for our customers! \n\nWe want to ensure a great vaping experience for all types of users, from people giving up smoking to experienced vapers as well.\n\nPlease get in touch for any further information.

173 Daventry Road Coventry CV35HF
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Touch of Vape - Tobacconists - Retail - 024 7650 2777 - Coventry

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