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If you’re in the position of having to plan for a funeral then you want it to be as stress-free as possible. In order to help with that process, you might want to consider hiring a funeral director in Lancashire in order to get as much assistance as you possibly can during a difficult time.

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You can find a range of funeral directors in Lancashire below, in addition, you’ll also see comments and reviews from people within the local area.

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Why choose a funeral director in Lancashire?

When the time comes to plan a funeral it might be the case that you need a little help. Not just because of everything that needs to be planned but also to take the stress out of a situation. One thing that can help with this is to find a funeral director in Lancashire.

The county of Lancashire was a major region during the Industrial Revolution with many of its major town and cities coming to prominence during this time. Places like Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Preston and Wigan grew exponentially, leading to a surge in population which to this day sits at around 1.5 million people.

The most historic churches in Lancashire for a funeral

While it was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 it wasn’t until the 12th century until Lancashire really started to take form with a number of historic churches being constructed int centuries since. While not all have stood the test of time, a few have, with some still offering services to this day.

We’ve listed a few historic churches here, some of which are no longer in service but a few that still serve a thriving community to this very day.

Holy Trinity Church

An example of Holy Trinity Church on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
Mount Pleasant, Blackburn, BB1 5BN

Originally built during the reign of Queen Victorian, this gothic-inspired building emits effortless grandeur and beauty both in its interior and exterior.

There’s far more to learn about the Holy Trinity Church, with much of the information on the Churches Conservation Trust website.

Bolton-by-Bowland Church

An example of Bolton-by-Bowland Church on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
The Rectory/Sawley Road, Clitheroe, BB7 4QS

While the church itself dates back to 1190 little is truly known. While parts of the church that stands today is from the 13th-century, most of the church was completed in 1466 with the tower itself said to have been designed by none other than King Henry VI.

You can find out more information about the church by visiting its website.

St Michael’s Church

An example of St Michael’s Church on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
St Michael’s Church, Skipton, BD23 3JU

Originally built in the 12th century with extensions added a few hundred years later, the bulk of St Michael’s Church itself was renovated in 1861. Known as one of the most picturesque and historic in the entire local area, St Michael’s Church is actually located on the site of an Anglo-Norse burial ground.

If you’d like to know more or get contact information then you’ll find those details here.

St Peter’s Church

An example of St Peter’s Church on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
42 Church Street, Burnley, BB11 2DL

An important part of Burnley, St Peter’s church is a thriving pillar of the local community with regular services and activities for all to this day.

Around for over a thousand years, St Peter’s can host a funeral service for a loved one by contacting them here for more information.

Becconsall Old Church

An example of Becconsall Old Church on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
92 Becconsall Lane, Preston, PR4 6RR

While it’s no longer in use as it once was, Becconsall Church in West Lancashire is recorded in the National Heritage List and is also a designated Grade II listed building. While the church may have seen better days, its legacy goes back almost 400 years where it was built for £90 - equivalent to £11,700 by today’s standards.

How to find a crematorium in Lancashire

Arranging a cremation in Lancashire is becoming a viable option for many people in the unfortunate position of having to arrange a funeral for a loved one. Holding a cremation is not only more financially viable but also gives you the option of scattering a deceased relative's ashes at a memorable location.

Best wake venues in Lancashire

After a funeral or cremation, most families will hold a wake in order to allow close family and friends to come together to reminisce on the life of a loved one. Often, these venues will provide ample room, food, drink and also not be too far away from the initial ceremony.

We’ve put together a list of potential wake venues in Lancashire for you to browse through and consider for your own after-ceremony wake.

Burton Memorial Hall

An example of Burton Memorial Hall on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
Burton-in-Kendal, Lancashire,

The memorial hall has been part of the community since 1956. It provides a space for a range of events and can accommodate an after-funeral wake party with relative ease when it comes to space. Its location on the border of Lancashire and Cumbria may be preferable to a venue that’s based further south.

The hall also has its own website so for more information make sure to check it out.

Heskin Hall

An example of Heskin Hall on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
Heskin, Lancashire,

Open for around three decades, Heskin Hall has been an elegant venue for many types of events and occasions, combined with on-site refreshments, it might be the ideal location for a wake venue.

You can find more information about the venue on the Heskin Hall website.

Hallmark Hotel

An example of Hallmark Hotel on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
Leyland Way, Lancashire, PR25 4JX

The Hallmark Hotel in Preston lies at the heart of Lancashire and is positioned in-between Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool and the Lake District. With a location that’s at the heart of so many major metropolitan areas, this location might be too perfect to pass up.

Find out more information at the Hallmark Hotel Preston’s website.

The Stanley Arms

An example of The Stanley Arms on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
24 Lancaster Road, Lancashire, PR1 1DA

A friendly and traditional pub in the heart of Preston, the Stanley Arms is as homely on the outside as it is on the inside. With a wide range of food, ales, wines and more, the Stanley Arms can not only host your function but also keep you refreshed.

There’s more information on the Stanley Arms website, allowing you to get a flavour of what they offer before you book it as a wake venue in Lancashire.

Florists in Lancashire

Flowers are not only attractive to look at, they also serve a purpose. They can often help you say the words you want to at a time when you might struggle to find them and are a wonderful accompaniment to a funeral service. Whether you’re looking for a simple bunch of flowers or a full arrangement, by finding and talking to florists in Lancashire, you’ll be able to get the best advice and get the right flowers.

Best places to scatter ashes in Lancashire

If you choose to go down the cremation route, then knowing what to do with the ashes of a recently deceased loved one is an item that you’ll need to consider. While many people choose to keep the ashes and display them in a prominent location at home, many choose to scatter the ashes of a loved one at a memorable place or one that holds a special attachment to them.

Here are a few ideas of places where you might want to scatter ashes in Lancashire, however, remember to ask for the landowner’s permission before doing so.

Forest of Bowland

An example of Forest of Bowland on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
Forest of Bowland, Clitheroe, BB7 3BL

An area of natural beauty that lies mostly in Lancashire, the Forest of Bowland contains wonderful woodland, protected areas, idyllic countryside and breathtaking hills.

It’s a wonderful option for those who’d like to scatter the ashes of a loved one in an area that will truly let you be at one with nature.

Pendle Hill

An example of Pendle Hill on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
Pendle Hill, Nelson, BB9 6LG

Located near the towns of Burnley and Clitheroe, Pendle Hill lies 1827 feet above sea level and allows you to view the Ribble Valley in spectacular fashion.

River Ribble

An example of the River Ribble on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
River Ribble, Lancashire

A river that runs 75 miles long, the River Ribble through both North Yorkshire and Lancashire, finally reaching the Irish Sea at the end of its journey.

The river runs through various towns and locations whilst also providing some idyllic beauty spots that are capable of taking your breath away.

Irish Sea

An example of the Irish Sea on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
Irish Sea, Lancashire Coast,

If you travel to the Lancashire coast you’ll encounter the Irish sea which nestles into the coast and provides wonderful views, calming waves and a place to be at ease. Scattering ashes into the sea is a popular tradition and it might be one that you want to consider.

Stanley Park

An example of Stanley Park on the Funeral Directors in Lancashire page on Thomson Local.
West Park Drive, Blackpool, FY3 9HU

A public park in the heart of Blackpool that provides a tranquil alternative to the everyday hustle and bustle. Stanley Park lies just a mile away from Blackpool Tower and can provide peaceful moments for anyone looking to reminisce.

Like all potential areas, make sure you get the landowner’s permission before you scatter ashes in Lancashire.

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