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Mini Cabs in UK

  1. The Keen Group

    Local Mini Cabs in uk
    020 8677 5000
    020 8677 5000
    75-77 Lydden Gr London SW184LY

    Latest Reviews

    • I have used Keens cabs for at least 20 years but never again. I have been let down on the last three occasions when I pre-booked a cab. I was notified the cab was on its way but it never arrived. When I phoned to enquire where the cab was I told that one had never been dispatched. This business books jobs they cannot deliver on. I am never going to use them again.

      Nigel in Wandsworth
      21 Sep 22
    • Its with regret that I will no longer use this company that Ive depended on for over 10 years. Wed booked the day before for an important lunch and at the last minute a message came: “your driver will be 20 minutes late.” And only a month ago they cancelled in a similar way. At least they were nice about giving a refund. Never again. They used to be so reliable!

      RF36 in London
      05 Sep 22
    • Useless Minicab service. Pre booked and prepaid the night before for an 8am collection. I was told the driver would call when they arrived. Next day at 8.05, no call, no cab. I call the office who say they put the call out but no driver has taken it up. I ask why they hadnt called me to tell me that, since now I have no taxi. They apologise for lax service and say nobody is on the way. I ask what Im supposed to do, they say I can wait but there is still no driver responding. I cancel the car. What a pointless service, I could have gone through the same charade with Uber or Bolt, at least they tell you when there is no car available rather than leaving you hanging and if they do actually show up are substantially cheaper. The Keen Group are totally unreliable, I wouldnt use this service again, especially not for airport or hospital appointments as you will definitely not make it on time. Basically a service charging you over the odds for something they cannot deliver. Dont bother.

      SuzyY Palace in Crystal Palace
      10 May 22
    • Hmm, definitely not to be trusted as it seems there's some suspicious activity going on with members of this company, but doesn't surprise me as there's always been question marks over mini can companies.

      SHowSecReaL in SE London
      11 Apr 22
    • Terrible service . Unreliable..called me just before pick up to say they were going to be late . One journey for a hospital appointment, the next one to catch a train . Luckily Uber bailed me out both times . Will not use them again.

      Jay in Lewisham
      12 Mar 22
    We'll pick you up and won't let down
    The Keen Group is a one stop shop for all of your ground transport solutions, whether one to 57 passengers, we have the answer, we offer a fully accessible/wheelchair service with fully trained midas drivers. Whether you are a cash, credit card, corporate/account customer we have the service and products to suit you. Operating over the whole of greater London with over 600 drivers we are here for you 24/7. Book us through our app, website or go old school and pick up the phone.
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    • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
    • Wheelchair Accessible
  2. Cannon Cars

    Local Mini Cabs in uk
    020 8777 8888
    020 8777 8888
    10-12 Bourne Way Bromley BR27EY

    Latest Reviews

    • i writing this on behalf of my 80yr old disabled mum she had an awful experience with u last wed night 29th march she went to orpington tescos was dropped of with one of ur drivers and had a return booked for 45 mins later she waited taxi didnt turn up after 45 mins plus she waited 45 mins rang and asked where it was they cancelled it because they said she wasnt there she was there u just didnt bloody look she.s severly disabled cant walk far everybody seen how distressed she was and helped her even an ambulance driver offered to help her but thankfully a lovely man and his wife took my mum so thanks for ur crap service if thats how u treat ur customers u can stick ur so called service where the sun dont shine so she wont b using ur service learn to look after ur customers because without them ur have no job disgrace should b ashamed of urselves to treat an 80 yr old disabled lady like that

      sjbalmer60@gmail.com in orpington
      02 Apr 23
    • I have used cannon cars to the airports and local runs over this year they are always on time and have never let me down I would just like to say they are Amazing

      Emlyn Andrews in Br66dr
      29 Dec 19
    • Not sure if I have the right company but the gentleman was not rude, patient courteous and the gentleman was quite courteous at the end of the ride he asked me to do him a favor. I enjoyed the service and The View. And I I would like to say thank you.

      Thelma Jordan in Ypsilanti
      06 Oct 19
    • I WOULD URGE NOT TO USE! Late is an understatement! Waited well over an hour 75mins in FACT when told driver would be within 30mins ! Absolute joke of a service!:

      Anna in Sydenham
      17 Apr 19
    • We used Cannon Cars for the first time yesterday after being let down by 3 Uber drivers and I will definitely be using Cannon Cars again for any future trips I need! Our driver arrived to us as fast as possible and she was so so friendly which made us feel so comfortable the whole journey. Would definitely recommend!

      Abbie in Biggin Hill
      25 Nov 18
    The largest private hire company in the local area
    Cannon Cars are the largest private hire company in the local area and amongst the largest in the south east of England, we pride ourselves in offering an extremely high level of service at very competitive rates, formed in 1989 we are a family run business which prides itself in offering an extremely high level of service at very competitive rates. Cannon Cars are the largest Private Hire Mini Cab Courier Company in the local area and among the largest in the south east of England. The safety and comfort of our customers is of paramount importance to us and we are continuously at the forefront of embracing new initiatives whilst upholding traditional values. We are fully licensed with Transport for London, ISO9001 accredited with BSI, Five Star Graded with the Licensed Private Hire Car Association, hold the Gold Award with the National Private Hire Association and our drivers are fully trained and assessed to an NVQ Level 2 in Road Passenger Vehicle Driving. Call us today on 0208 777 8888
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    • long-distance travel
    • Executive car hire
    • 8 Seater
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