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Nursery Schools in Highbridge, Somerset

  1. Brent Knoll Tadpoles Pre School

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    01278 769126
    01278 769126
    Warwick Court/50 Brent Street, Brent Knoll Highbridge TA94DT

    Latest Reviews

    • All of my kids have gone to this pre school, my girl little girl is there now. She really enjoys it there and the staff here are really lovely and caring. I highly recommend this pre school if you want your kids to have fun filled days for learning.

      Michelle Ketencimen in Brent Knoll
      06 Jul 18
    • I use Brent tadpole 4 days a week for childcare, and they are amazing. Very friendly, great childcare. 5*

      Andrea Rontledge in Brent Knoll
      26 Jun 18
    Pre-School Playgroup in Brent Knoll
    Are you looking for the perfect the prefect start to your child's education with a fun and friendly atmosphere? Brent Knoll Tadpoles Pre-school is based in Brent Knoll Village (originally called Frog Island) and serves Brent Knoll and the surrounding areas offering both a preschool and a breakfast/ afterschool for the local primary school. Children participate in a range of activities and experiences which take into account their interests and value their achievements and which develop their physical, intellectual, emotional and social abilities. As a team, we try to provide a stimulating and happy environment where the children can play together in harmony. We hope that you will feel part of the team. Children develop and learn faster in the first five years than at any other time, so it is vital that they have the opportunity to explore, make discoveries, share experiences and learn and practice basic skills. Many children gain confidence by watching and children's play patterns are all different. The activities we offer are exciting, stimulating, fun and of course, educational. Contact us today for more information - we can't wait to meet you!
    Latest reviews
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Nursery Schools in Highbridge

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