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  1. Gold Line Taxis

    Local Taxis in LU1
    01727 833333
    01727 833333
    Victoria Square St Albans AL13TF

    Latest Reviews

    • My son got picked up from work paid the cab then realised he left his phone in the cab he try to catch the driver as it went down the road but couldn't so he used my neighbor's phone to call up the company only to be charged $6.60 to drop it back he wasn't that far away what if an elderly person had left there belongings would they be charged for it to this is disgusting we pay enough money to get to where we need to be no help from the taxi company they didn't give a dam so all in all my son paid over $16.00 to come home from work surely this shouldn't happen most taxi drivers wouldn't charge simple needs looking into and stopped wat if my son didn't have the cash to get his phone back would the driver just drive off with it again I feel this was just greed and shouldn't happen I would like an answer to this please.

      Sharon Stratton in Stalbans
      26 May 22
    • Would like to know who owns this ‚Äúcompany !!? Any one??? Just cash ... ahh yes thats why Appalling service over priced Get taxis that take cards Much cheaper

      Why in Why
      07 Apr 19
    • I called 3 different taxi companies in St Albans for a quote, Gold Line gave the best price (also most friendly sounding). I received an SMS with a tracking link so i could see where the driver was and it also showed the make/model/reg and name of the driver. Best service ever

      Jess in St Albans
      26 Nov 17
    • Was charged £15 even though the meter read £10.50. The driver they charge extra at night but the strange thing is, I use the same company to travel at the same times and have always been charged between £8 - £10 according to the meter.

      Saitama in St Albans
      08 Jul 17
    • Got to Stansted airport on time, always answer when i call.

      markovi in London
      17 Nov 10
  2. Welwyn North Taxis

    Local Taxis in LU1
    01438 712121
    01438 712121
    Welwyn North Railway Station Welwyn AL60AS

    Latest Reviews

    • This company pretended to be the taxi firm I had booked a job with in order to steal the job. Had phonecall from my actual driver 10 mins into job. Your driver refused to answer me questioning why he had stolen job. Really unprofessional and actually dangerous. His number plate was WJ14 DVU

      Laura in Luton
      23 Jul 17
    • Called for a quote and got awful service from the controller who laughed at me when I read out the postcodes for her reference, they go by road names which is fine (although the only cab company I know that does it this way) but to receive a patronising response is not on. I then filed a complaint to which I received no apology just a 'she didn't laugh at you as I was standing right next to her'. Not only was the response uneducated with bad grammar and spelling it was also unprofessional. I am about to begin a long period of work for which I would have used Welwyn North Taxis daily, not anymore, using Mick's Cabs who were far more helpful and professional.

      LZ in London
      10 Mar 13
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