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Bath Resurfacing in Camelon, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

  1. Bath Resurfacing Scotland

    Local bath resurfacing in camelon-stirlingshire
    0800 037 4588
    0800 037 4588
    3E Manse Court, Barrhead Glasgow G782RJ
    Don't Replace It, Renew It!
    Established in 1994, Renew-All have a wealth of experience resurfacing baths and restoring them back to their original pristine condition. We provide an efficient 24 hour emergency service to the domestic and commercial sectors throughout Scotland and the north of England. We have the facilities to undertake both large and small renewal contracts and insist on only using the highest quality tools and materials to complete each job. As a family-run business, we guarantee to deliver a friendly and personal service. We've established ourselves an excellent reputation in the local area because of our high level of customer satisfaction and our efficient response to customer emergencies.
    • Bath Repairs / Enamelling
    • Chip Repairs to All Surfaces
    • Industrial Bath Cleaning
    • Resealing Baths
    • Silicon Replacements

Bath Resurfacing in Camelon, Stirlingshire

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